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Smooth Shapes XV

Smooth Shapes XV is an FDA approved, non-evasive procedure to tighten, tone, smooth, and firm skin, and reduce cellulite with no downtime or pain. Think of it like a laser liposuction. It combines laser and light energy to liquefy fat in the cells that are causing cellulite. Rollers imbedded within the Smooth Shapes device vacuum and massage the emulsified fat first into extra-cellular space, then flush the fat out through the lymphatic system. Smooth Shapes can be used on your entire body or you can choose to target a specific area of concern. The petite hand attachment can deliver up to 50% more concentrated power for stubborn fat. You can expect to see progress in as little as 3 to 4 treatments (30 minutes). *available only at Crestline location

FAQ: Once I have completed the recommended number of treatments, how long can I expect the results to last? The results will last longer if you follow up with once or twice a month maintenance treatments through our membership program.

Suggested Protocol:  Ask your aesthetician what is best for you. Usually we recommend jumpstarting with 8 treatments, then once or twice monthly to improve and maintain. Smooth Shapes XV may be used in combination with Vanquish treatments for faster, more dramatic results.

Price: $1200 for 8 jumpstart treatments or $900 for arms only; Maintenance: $85 once a month or $130 twice a month with membership program.

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